14 Year-Old Alec Ingram Achieved His Dream Funeral

Alec Ingram, a 14-year-old boy who died of cancer earlier this year has his final wish of having his funeral procession lined with cars granted. It all went down on Sunday with lots of fancy sports cars.

Alec died at age 14 on November 7, after a long battle with the very rare Osteosarcoma bone cancer, which he was diagnosed with in 2015 after breaking his arm.

His sister wrote online that his love of sports cars “has reached so many people and will be an amazing turnout for Alec.”

Dana Manley, the coordinator of Sydney’s Soldiers Always, the group that coordinated the event, told KMOV Alex “was just a kid we met” who was “into super cars and sports cars.” They wanted to help, so they “put out a flier on Facebook to get as many as we could.”

The publicity worked. On Sunday, an estimated 2,100 sports cars and 140 motorcycles showed up at Six Flags St. Louis to support the 14-year-old.