7 Causes Of Suicide In Africa - Death-Obituary

7 Causes Of Suicide In Africa – Death-Obituary

7 Causes Of Suicide In Africa : Death – Obituary

As we all know, suicide is the act of taking ones own life intentionally. It is a bad practice and should be

discouraged at all costs regardless of the reason behind it. The rate of this act increases daily in most

countries in Africa. There are various reasons why people commit suicide, some of which are going to be

discussed here.

The following are 7 causes of suicide in Africa.

Financial problems

It is only reasonable to say that a man who is comfortable can hardly think on suicide. Reverse is the

case for a person who is not comfortable materially. Poverty, Unemployment, Inability to pay debts,

Homelessness, these are factors under this category.

Failed Suicide attempt

Records show that a person who has attempted suicide previously but failed has a high tendency to try

again. 20% of suicidal victims have been found to have attempted this act previously. This might be

caused be inadequacy of physiological treatment after the first attempt. To prevent this, we are to assist

such persons who have been rescued with good mental and physiological therapy. We also try to find

out the reason for the first attempt and try to solve the problem.

Emotional Instability

This is when a person is not in a good state of mind due to emotional personal factors. They may be as a

result of relationship breakups, death of someone close to him\her, divorce and so on…

When any of these happen, the victim is faced with a feeling of loneliness and sadness. They find it very

difficult to forget about it and move on. This is common mostly in women and children. In the case of

death which is obvious to friends and family, they have a great role to play. There are to comfort and

console these potential victims in other to present hope to them. It is usually said not to leave such

persons alone because you never might know what is going on in their heads. In the case of heartbreaks

or relationship breakups, these might not be noticed by the public, but if you get to know about it, do all

you can to help the person.

Academic problems

This is usually common with students are in higher institutions. Due to their poor grades in school, they

tend to be depressed with so many thoughts going through their minds. If such feelings are not

controlled, it might created a pathway to suicide. In Nigeria, we hear of cases where students drink

insecticides, jump from tall building and so on.

With this aspect having no direct remedy by the public, the greater role is to be played by the potential

victims themselves. Students are encouraged to study hard in other to avoid this kind of depression.

Alcoholism and substance abuse

This is one of the most common cause associated with suicide. It is found that a reasonable percentage

of these suicidal cases are done under the influence of either alcohol or hard drugs.

There are two circumstances that can play out under this cause. In the first instance, when a person is

going trough stress and depression, he/she then turns to alcohol, this in return then prompts the person

to commit suicide.

In the other case, a drug or alcohol addict where becomes miserable because of this practice starts to

face depression which might lead to suicide.

Health condition

A number of health conditions or illnesses may prompt a person to suicide. This might be as a result of

hopelessness or mental disorder caused by the illness. Health problems such as HIV, cancer, kidney

failure, brain injuries and so on fall under this category.


Trauma is a risk factor that contributes to suicidal tendency. Some people mostly children who are

involved in suicide usually take their lives to escape other traumas such as bullying at school, rape and

child molestation, sexual abuses, death of parents which puts them in foster care and so on.

In some cases the results of these acts are not seen immediately as suicidal acts are recorded years after

these incidents

Suicide in some cases are accepted by a large number of people. This type of suicide is referred to as

rational suicide. This is when a person takes his own life either in the quest of saving others or in suicidal

attacks. Take for example, we hear of suicide bombing, these person who are used for these purposes

are motivated either religiously that there is hope and a higher glory to attain when they commit


Whether rational or not, suicide is an I'll in the society and should be discouraged.



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