Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Alexis Baker Missing – What happened To Alexis Baker?

Alexis Baker Missing – What happened To Alexis Baker?

Family and friend have taken to social media and announce the missing of Alexis Baker. She was in Jacksonville on a home visit.

According to Facebook post by Jay Kelly This is my neice. Alexis baker. Her mother is Tarah Fawn on Facebook. Please reach out to me or her if you see her. JACKSONVILLE /Fayetteville nc people…. PLEASE SHARE and please most of all PRAY PRAY PRAY i’m trying not to let my fears overtake me. and i try to stop thinking the worst. but she’s looking for a escape. That is what scares me the most. I’m so angry. I have to just sit and wait. I’m not angry at her. i’m angry at myself. For allowing this to go on as long as it has. i didn’t want to post this, but last time i did some random person found my baby sitting on the side of the road. and made her call me so i definitely have hope. please share. it’s definitely a nightmare until she’s found. Alexis is gone. She was in Jacksonville on a home visit. She left yesterday. No word, no note and no clue to where she can be. this is the most recent picture She’s blonde hair, blue eyes, about 5’2 , 130lbs Alexis Baker Alexis Baker Alexis Baker ALEXIS IF YOU SEE THIS PLEASE THINK ABOUT WHAT THIS IS DOING TO YOUR MOMMA.I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU. EVERYTHING WILL BE OK. JUST TRUST ME!

Alexis Baker Missing

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