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Andres Chavez of Albuquerque Fire Death & Funeral

Obituary: Andres Chavez has died. He was a member at Albuquerque Fire. He has been with the fire services for the past 9 years until his death.andres chaves

Andres death came as a shock to many of his friends and families who have taken to social media to share their tributes to the Andres.

in a Facebook post made by Paul Anthony Chavez, who shared same surname with the deceased. Andres started working with Albuquerque Fire Rescue since 2010 along side Brian Varela, Bill Rogers and others.

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Paul Anthony Chavez wrote on Facebook.

Very sad day for Albuquerque Fire Rescue!! This is Andres at his first fire 9 years ago next to Billy Rogers. Brian Varela was the driver and I was the officer. He was our rookie. He was so happy and proud that day. He bought cake and icecream because he had his first fire. He used to make us laugh. Brother I’m sorry you had to endure what ever was causing your pain? Love you BRO. R.I.P. #firefighter #Veteren #Marine

 Andres Chavez Cause Of Death

Andres’ cause of death is not revealed yet. We will update. But a post by Paul is very suggestive. People who die of Depression and Post traumatic Stress Disorder do have suicide in common.

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Andres Chavez Funeral

The time, date and venue for Andres burial is yet to be announced but upon announcement, we will share it here.

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