Ann thayer death

Ann Thayer Death: Owner Of Thayer Brothers Deli Has Died

Ann Thayer Obituary: Thayer Brothers Deli owner and operator on Ruby street, has passed away. The death news sent huge sadness around the city of Joliet.

Ann Thayer died in his 80s after been hospitalized. The reason for being hospitalized was not said on patch.

“I used to run into Mrs. Thayer almost every morning at Jewel on Theodore and Larkin Ave. I would stand next to her picking out fresh veggies. I finally had the courage, after eating a delicious meal at her restaurant, to tell her that I aspire to be like her… making fresh food that people love. She was so tickled to hear that and she sat down to chat with me about restaurant life. A Joliet staple and a hero to me. She will be missed!” one woman commented on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

In June, Joliet Patch published a food column about Thayer Brothers Deli mentioning how Ann Thayer worked at the restaurant every day, how she strolled by and asked customers the question that gets asked hundreds of times every week, “Can I get you a bowl of soup?”

Customers of Thayer Brothers Deli loved Mrs. Thayer’s soups.