Sat. Oct 31st, 2020

Bernard Albertson Death / Obituary | Died – Cause Of Death

Bernard Albertson Death / Obituary – On July 10, 2020, we learnt that Bernard Albertson died following an unidentified cause of death.

Bernard Albertson was pronounced dead following an unconfirmed cause of death, Bernard passed away leaving loved ones in total sadness and causing so much pains to the beloved family. Our prayers are with the friends and loved ones.

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51 thoughts on “Bernard Albertson Obituary | Bernard Albertson Death – Cause Of Death | Dead”
  1. Mr. Albertson, thank you so much for all of your advice and compassion for random people on the internet. Your words encouraged me to be better and I’m in a much better place thanks to you. RIP. My sincerest condolences to the family, god bless.

  2. Rest in peace brother, although the world isn’t perfect and never will be, I always am overwhelmed by people such as Bernard Albertson who have such a love for the world and for people he never knew, and although all our lives are too short and in the grand scheme of the universe, small and seemingly meaningless, every single thing we do as people has extraordinary meaning, every thought, every word we speak is more significant then we could every image, our impact on people and those around us, people we love and people who we’ve only had one exchange with is so massive and significant that we ourselves will never truly be able to understand their full scope and impact, never give up, no matter how small or insignificant you may feel you and your actions mean something and you’re important, you may not be able to see it in that moment or even years down the line or perhaps you’ll never understand how important you are, but you are so extremely. Remember, spread love always, and thank you Bernard, because although your name isn’t in flashing Hollywood lights or written in the stars, you’re so important and have had a profound impact on many, the only thing we as people get to leave behind when we pass is our legacy, and Bernard’s legacy is one of spreading hope and love and inspiration. Thank you Bernard Albertson, in our hearts forever.

  3. Rest in peace, came across your youtube videos just when I needed it. Great guy. Your words will always stick with me Bernard.

  4. He gave such a powerful and touching speeches.
    Rest In Peace Mr. Albertson. You’ll always be remembered

  5. Dear Ablertson Bernard,
    You did not know me nor I you, but in a five minute video you did for me in five minutes what all else have failed to do in sixteen years. My life has been an unpleasant one, half my own doing but, you gave me the needed push to get off the path I was on.
    Thank you so much.
    May God bless you.

  6. I just happen to stumble across his advice video, on YouTube and, reading the comments, i knew this terrible news, it saddened me.

    So i came here to say, Mr. Albertson you were one hell of a man and, that your words lit up the road in front of me, so thanks a lot.

    Go easy now brother, may your soul be at rest.

  7. Mr Albertson is the very first person who made me drop a tear in this year. your video should’ve came in my recommendation way earlier. thank you for all the words you’ve spoken, thank you for encouraging us.

    May he rest in peace.

  8. Rest in peace Mr. Albertson. I saw your video today called “Old man’s advice” it was really great. Thanks for everything.

  9. Rest in peace Mr. Albertson. I saw your video today called “Old man’s advice” it was really great. Thanks for everything

  10. Really Really Really thank you for all the advice and changing people’s mindset and with your experiences and hardships you taught a lot of great things to all of us and were grateful for that. Thank you.

  11. I just happened across his youtube videos at a point in my life when I needed them the most.
    I see many people speaking of god and heard him mention it, and while it is not my belief personally I do indeed wish the god he believed in will take care of him, he out of many people deserves more than just that and I hope God does indeed bless him and his soul.

  12. Thank you Bernard. You inspired me to become a better person and as you said, the world depends on the young ones since we choose the fate of earth in the future and i have been doing more good and respect more often. I really wish I thanked you in real life but i am writing this to express how you impacted me and probably changed my perspective on many things. Thank you. RIParadise Bernard, May God be with you

  13. Dear Mr. Bernard Alberston,

    I just stumbled across YouTube Channel 10 minutes ago after watching “an old man’s advice”. I wanted to learn more about you as you came across as so kind, humble, genuine and sweet so I googled you and I came across this. While I barely know when I saw this tears filled in my eyes. One thing is for certain, I know you are a good man. I know that you are happy in heaven right now and I wanted to say God bless you and your family. Thank you for bringing so much good into this world. You are a real man. I respect you so much. God bless you.

  14. One of his videos showed up today on my YouTube home page – and I had to search for him.. It’s sad to know that he passed a way.

    A great guy will be always remembered.

    Love from Iraq.

  15. I am so grateful i stumbled upon your channel, such wise words and advice is what our aimless generation needs in times of despair
    We will be forever grateful and your legacy will live up in our memories.
    May you rest in peace and God bless you.

  16. I was lucky enough to stumble upon your YouTube videos .. your advise and wisdom is truly inspirational
    May you rest in peace
    My prayers go out to his family and loved ones

  17. Apparently he died Oct. 8th 2019 and it’s confirmed on a local news article listing of deaths for that day. If you google “Bernard Albertson Tucson” the article should be one of the top results by a local Tucson website of the same name.
    He lived in Tucson and the website said he was 80 at the time of death which is accurate because he was born Nov. 1st 1938.
    I obtained these facts from his LinkedIn and author profile on Amazon (he published a fair amount of books).

    That said, I also was blessed enough to discover his YouTube videos recently, while I noticed that the videos were quite old while watching them it was still a shock to realize he died. God bless you and your family, thanks for your knowledgeable and very encouraging videos.
    I now believe in God because your words did something for me and they happened to also reach me at the perfect time in my life, I’m at the lowest point of it and your advice video have given me hope and motivation where I had none before.

  18. Thank you for you wise words and the inspiration you provided for many.
    Thank for your insight on the importance on education, learning and taking action.
    Rest in piece Sir.
    Thank you

  19. Just saw some of your videos on YouTube and they touched my soul. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Rest In Peace Mr. Albertson, Gob bless! ❤️?

  20. I stumbled upon one of his videos on YouTube a few minutes ago and became greatly saddened when I heard he passed away just one week ago. Just from this video alone I could tell he was a great man and so I offer my condolences to all his loved ones, may he rest in peace ❤

  21. (This is going to be very stream of consciousnesses, sorry)

    I was lucky enough to stumble upon his YouTube channel by a recommended video (today July 18, 2020) , “A Old Man’s Advice.” It pains me to have read that he passed only a few days ago. I went and watched his videos and I have to say he was one of the most sincere and kind person I could think of. I’m not a very religious person, but when watching his videos i could really feel a connection with his words. He was very tenacious on his religion and his views, for about how you are actually worth something, don’t give up, stand-tall, always continue learning, better yourself, and so many more things which really hit deep with me. He was a great man, I wish I was able to have found his channel and works much sooner but better late then never I suppose. He will be missed.

  22. A random man decided to share his words to younger generation by posting it on his personal youtube channel, hoping it would reach somebody on the internet. THE INTERNET! Well Sir, your messages is received. Millions of the young are watching and people around the world mourns for your loss, including me, I’m from Vietnam.
    Rest in peace, Mr. Bernard Albertson.

  23. I just found out Bernard’s advice video on YouTube recommendation and I clicked that and viewed it. That was wonderful. He was such a great man and his pearls of advice are too priceless and hope those uploaded treasures will stay up on YouTube for ever as I also want other people who are feeling like they are in the middle of nowhere to know his words, to hear his great lessons. I’m very sorrowful to hear this sad news. I’m sorry to know that the world has again lost one great man who’s silently changed the lives of hundreds of people worldwide. So, I wanna offer my deepest condolences to his beloved family. I’m truly sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace.

  24. Thank you for the kind words, I can say on behalf of not only myself but other young people that have stumbled upon your video that those 10 minutes and 19 seconds really did have a lasting effect…. I personally needed to have those words said to me and you did that, may God bless you and your family through this sad time. RIP Mr Albertson

  25. I have just come across his video (A old man’s advice)… Knowing that he passed away 9 days ago… It just breaks my heart in pieces… We need more people like Bernard Albertson; more people that speak the truth and believes in the younger generations. I’m grateful for anyone from Youtube responsible for recommending me this video, those wise words from Bernard.

    Rest in peace.

  26. Saw your video “An old man’s advice” and others. Sad that you’re no longer with us.
    My condolences to your loved ones.

    Rest in peace.

  27. As one of the many who came across the An old man’s advice video now in 2020 I know I’m not the only one who is so glad to have seen it. From the videos I have watched Mr Albertson was a very genuine, wise, witty, inspiring man. I’m sure myself and others have been effected by his words, and I send my condolences to his loved ones.

    Rest in piece

  28. Thank you! You’ve inspired me so much in such a little time, I hope you rest well and my condolences to the family.

  29. I’ve never heard of this man but he was on the front page of Youtube today with –

    He may have left us in the physical, but he left with us some wisdom to be a better person and be inspired. I Thank God that he was able to leave us with some wisdom on YouTube to relive forever.

    I leave you all with a quote from him, “Young People, you are the backbone of this country, you’re the backbone of the world.”

  30. I know it’s been a bit since this great man passed on but I just watched one of his videos and then watched more and more. His words were amazing. Truly amazing. Never have I seen a man with such faith in our generation. He truly made me feel like there is something worth doing still with this world. Thank you. Thank you so much for being a light. You will be missed. Light the world

  31. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. Whether it have been for a few minutes or a few hours, we will carry the weight of your words with us into the future. If only you could have known how many peoples lives your words would go on to change and impact. I hope that we will be able to thank you when we go to heaven. God Bless you all, leave your mark, and live each day like its your last, cause it very well may be.

  32. I can’t believe I got to know you after you’re not here anymore. Thank you for your videos, and i cant wait to see you in heaven. God bless you

  33. If there’s a god, I hope you’re with him. You gave me a spark of hope with your beautiful words of wisdom and love, and your compassion that’s truly hard to find. Thank you Mr. Bernard Albertson, Rest In Peace.

  34. If there’s a god, I hope you’re with him. You gave me a spark of hope with your beautiful words of wisdom and love, that compassion that’s truly hard to find these days. Thank Mr. Bernard Albertson, Rest In Peace.

  35. Just found your videos…. I don’t believe that was a mistake. You are with our Lord!! I will be continually watching you from beyond the grave. God gave you a gift to pay forward. You are a blessing, literally now from heaven. Thank you for your faithfulness!!

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