Bert Griggs Death

Bert Griggs Death | Obituary: Cause Of Death – South Carolina

Bert Griggs died on Tuesday, December 17, 2019 at the age of 37 in an undisclosed cause of death. Mr. James Robert “Bert” Griggs III death was a great shock to everyone that knew him.

Bert Griggs was pronounced dead on Tuesday, his passing has traumatized his beloved one. He has passed away unexpectedly.

Bert Griggs Tributes

Craig Hanna on Facebook paid tribute to James Bert Griggs. The lengthy tribute is quite touching and emotional. Read below.

We are in shock and hearts broken. We all have that cousin who no matter what, always has a smile on their face, and kind words to offer, this was Bert. He saw the best in everyone.

He was one of those guys who truly wanted the world to be a better place. While we are all devastated our Lord has taken Bert so soon, I thank our Lord for giving him so many blessings in recent years. Three years ago, Dana and I got to witness Bert marry the love of his life, Lorrie Dixson Griggs.

While Lorrie and Bert were exchanging vows overlooking the Charleston harbor, a rainbow appeared. Dana said to me, “look at the sky, this is a union God is happy about”.

A year later, Lorrie and Bert welcomed a beautiful little girl. We were also blessed to witness the love Bert had for Harper, he was born to be a Dad. My heart aches knowing this precious little girl won’t have her Dad by her side physically, but I know in the two short years he had with her, Bert poured enough love into her little heart to last Harper a lifetime.

I also know Bert and the man I know, will always be close, peeking through the clouds to check on his girls and spiritually standing by them when they need his support. This was who Bert was, he called to check on his Mom daily, and for his birthday wanted to just spend time with his Dad, he was a family man.

So even if Bert was miles or sometimes states away, somehow he always made sure to let those he loved know he was close. Please keep the entire family in your prayers, we lost a good man, we lost our Bert. They just don’t make em like that anymore