Bob Crane Death

Bob Crane Death | Obituary: Bob Crane Murdered In 1978

Robert Edward Crane also known as Bob Crane died on June 29, 1978 at Winfield Place Condominiums, Scottsdale, AZ. He was 50-year-old old at the time of his death.

Bob Crane was murdered. His death was a tragedy and who did it has not been said, despite the DNA found on the suspect’s car.

According to CNN, Phoenix Fox 10 anchor John Hook had hoped to finally crack the case after he re-investigated it and got authorities to allow him to retest DNA samples found on a suspect’s car.

The big reveal came in a live segment Monday night before a panel of people that included Crane’s son, the prosecutor in the case, the jury foreman and the defense attorney for John Henry Carpenter — the man who was eventually acquitted of murder in the case.

Bob Crane was an American actor, radio host, drummer and disc jockey known for starring in the CBS situation comedy Hogan’s Heroes.

Crane began drumming at age 11 and later became a radio personality, first in New York City and then Connecticut before moving to Los Angeles, where he hosted the number-one rated morning show.

In the early 1960s, he moved into acting, eventually landing the lead role of Colonel Robert Hogan in Hogan’s Heroes. The series aired from 1965 to 1971, and Crane received two Emmy Award nominations for his work on the series.

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