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Brent Reizler Is Dead: Killed In An Accident

Brent Reizler has died in a fatal crash that happened on Sprague Road. Keith Liedtke was the driver of the car while Brent was a passenger. The car traveled off the right side and hit a utility pole.

Another man, a 23-year-old Brett Wilson who came to assist Brent Reizler and Keith Liedtke were also killed. Wilson a firefighter and EMT with the Columbia Fire Department for two years was killed when he came in contact with drowned wire at the crash scene.

Columbia Township Fire Chief Raymond Anthony says we may never know what exactly happened.

“We do what we call a scene size up, you try and look at everything,” Anthony said. “It could have been a wire on the ground he stepped on, or it could have energized the wet ground and he got caught in that current and it took him down.”