Brooke zorne

Brooke Zorne Has Died

Brooke Zorne is dead. The shocking news hit the wind of Las Vegas following Southern Nevada Alumnae Chapter’s statement which apparently broke the news.

“Is Brooke Zorne dead?” according to multiple source and tributes all over social media, Brooke is dead.

“It is with immense sadness that we share Theta Epsilon-University of Nevada Las Vegas member Brooke Zorne has passed away and has entered the Omega Chapter.

She will be remembered as one of the kindest and most supportive sisters. She embodied the values we hold so dear: wisdom, power, faith, hope, and love.

We are here for our Theta Epsilon Sisters and send our deepest condolences to her family and boyfriend.”

Cause of Brooke Zorne’s Death

Brooke is said to have died from an unexpected stroke

Brooke Zorne’s Funeral

We do not have any information regarding the funeral arrangement of Brooke Zorne at this time of this post.

Joyceleen Herry’s Tribute to Brooke reads

I’m gonna miss you Brooke Zorne you weren’t just a friend, you were more than that.

I will never forget our funny moments together, and when we used to complain to each other about our zones or about all the go backs that the person before wouldn’t finish lol and how you’d be complaining about the shoes all over the floor but at the same time you would pick them all up and organize the whole area haha,

I won’t forget how you sat me down during our 30 min break and showed me your whole planner and how you would color coordinate for every single appointment and how every single person had their own color, and you were so excited about showing me your planner especially after I told you that I wanted to buy one and do exactly what you did with yours, so you told me where I can get the best ones and what kind of pens you used, which were (gel pens) & you were so proud of yourself and how organized you were,

You planned out your days, from morning til night, you also mentioned exactly what day you wanted to get married and all the exact details of your wedding ahah,

I won’t forget how you pushed me to sign up for LVAC and kicked my butt for 2 hours in there haha,

I won’t forget when you put on a pineapple costume last year and did your silly dance in it,

I won’t forget how you would come into work and still be smiling and laughing, even though you were so tired from working your other job, and last but not least, I won’t forget your laugh (I can still hear it now as I’m writing this lol)

I’m gonna miss you Brooke! I love you! Til we meet again ❤ #RestinLove.

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