Calypso Green Turtle Death – National Aquarium Announced Death Of Calypso

Calypso Green Turtle Death

Calypso Green Turtle Death

We are deeply saddened to share that Calypso, our beloved green sea turtle, passed away unexpectedly Sunday night.

Calypso came to the National Aquarium in 2002, after stranding in the Long Island Sound with an infected left flipper that was later amputated.

Because of this life-saving procedure, Calypso was deemed non-releasable. For nearly 20 years, Calypso thrived at the Aquarium, growing from six pounds at stranding to nearly 500 pounds.

Calypso was in good health throughout her life and displayed no clear signs of illness or distress in the days leading up to her death. At this time, her cause of death remains unknown.


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