Candy Lavin Death

Candy Lavin Death | Obituary: Otis Professor Candy Passed Away

Candy Lavin Cause of Death:

Otis professor Candy Lavin died Friday morning, December 13 from a heart attack, according to Statement on her GoFundMe page.

Lavin have worked as a teacher at Otis for over a decade without life insurance. Her friends and families are deeply saddened at this moment.

A Gofundme page has been created for her burial expenses. Excerpt from the page reads below…

She was a warm, smart and very talented. She loved her family, her otis family and all of her many friends. After teaching at Otis for 13 years today I was informed by Otis that since Candy was an adjunct professor she was not covered by any life insurance.

I hope and pray that Otis revisits this policy and will one day offer life insurance to all of their professors. I believe that anyone that has worked for a company for 13 years deserves to have the same benefits that all full time staff have.

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