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Cara Murtagh Death | Obituary: Peabody Public Schools Supt Dead

Cara Murtagh Cause of Death

Peabody, MA public schools superintendent , Cara Murtagh has passed away. She died Friday November 25, 2019 at the age of 44.

The school, families and friends confirmed Cara Murtagh is dead, and they are deeply saddened by her death.Murtagh cause of death is heart attack, according to Michael Scarlata’s statement.

Melissa Garia LaHaye expresses grief over the death of Murtagh.

I am completely heartbroken and shocked. Cara Murtagh was an incredibly warm and caring person who was tirelessly dedicated to the well being of our students and high quality education of Peabody Public Schools.

She was always full of such joy and enthusiasm and touched so many lives. It was always such a pleasure to talk with her. We truly won’t be the same without her. Wrote Melissa Faria LaHaye from Peabody, Massachusetts

Michael Scarlata, in a statement said Cara Murtagh had died of heart attack

It’s a Sad Day in the Great City of Peabody. Superintendent of the Peabody School System Cara Murtagh passed away last night from a Heart Attack. She was an incredible leader and administrator. She will be sorely missed.

Murtagh took over as Peabody public schools superintendent , after six years as the assistant superintendent and 14 years as a principal and teacher in the district.

Tributes to Cara Murtagh by Rob Surette – Amazing Hero Art


For the last 2 hours, I have been thinking of one of my favorite people, Cara Murtagh…

This is because 2 hours ago, I got what sounds like a very prestigious job, all because of Cara’s glowing recommendation of my work to the CEO of a grand organization.

Then, just a few moments ago, I was shocked to hear the news of her sudden passing.

I can’t believe I would hear this sad news JUST as she was on my mind!

Cara hired me NUMEROUS times over the last 25 years to visit and inspire the Peabody, Massachusetts Public Schools… including the creation of my BRADY / BELICHICK LEGO MOSAIC which went COMPLETELY VIRAL last winter.

I remember thinking… if there was ever a superintendent who deserves all the publicity and fanfare which this project fetched, it was Cara. COINCIDENCE? NO!!!! I am a firm believer that the ENERGY / VIBE / ATTITUDE you exude permeates throughout the entire world and has a way of coming BACK to you!

(I’ll post a nice photo that day below, in the comments.)

My own three kids remember how nice she was, 12 years ago, when she gave each of them a stuffed animal as a gift, when they helped deliver my paintings to a Peabody school.

And I will never forget the rousing, ROARING, yet warm, applause she received at the beginning of this school year when she unveiled her brand new and totally innovative, “Visions of the Graduate” plan for the entire city… where I accompanied her with my visuals, animations projected onto a big screen, and a new LEGO mosaic.

She was one of the KINDEST and MOST CARING people I have EVER met in my years of visiting schools… and being from Peabody, herself, Cara gave EVERYTHING towards making that city all it could be. Many times she would be called, “The hardest working employee in the city.” And she would visit all 10 schools every “Walkthrough Wednesday” getting to know all of the students.

On snowy mornings, Cara would get in her car at 3am to scope out the driving conditions, just praying that she (with the DPW’s help) would make the right decision whether to call off school or not. All this was done out of a pure love for her students, desperately wanting to keep them all safe.

“I have 6,000 I have to take care of every single day … I treat the children in this district like my own. I have to. I worry about them just like I would if they were my own.”

Seems only appropriate that I was working on a new, bright, sun-shiny LEGO mosaic when I just heard the shocking and heartbreaking news of her passing…

My LEGO sunshine totally radiates warmth and love just as Cara always did… and if my own personal belief is correct, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DEATH! We just transition back to the Spirit world where we are still VERY m