Carlos Medina Death

Carlos Medina Death | Obituary: Swimmer Carlos Medina Has Died

Carlos Medina death & obituary: the cause of Medina said has not be said public. We are waiting for full details on her death.

With a very heavy heart we are saddened to have to share this information with you….Carlos Medina has passed away. Below is a message from the family, Rest In Peace Carlos Medina…..We love and will miss you!

The Medina Family wanted everyone to know the Dr has signed paperwork that Carlos is not alive. It is now public information. His organs are being donated.

Please pray for Coach Odeime and her family during this very difficult time. If you do not know her other two children, Alex is in 7th grade at Coleman Middle School and swims in our Gold Group and Karla is a freshman at Plant High School and swims in our Senior Group. Many prayers still needed for this family.