Chayne Pritchard Is Dead, He Worked With Piledrivers Local 196

Seattle, Washington: Chayne Pritchard Death: tomorrow October 25th would have been Chayne Pritchard’s birthday. He passed away suddenly. Chayne was former staff at Piledrivers Local 196,

Chayne Pritchard also worked as a commercial driver at Ballard Marine Construction. He studied at Divers Institute of Technology in Seattle, between 2015 to 2017.  · Seattle, Washington.

Till his death, Chayne and Lina Giraldo were in romantic relationship and they loved each other very much.

Chayne Pritchard Cause of Death

We actually do not have any idea how and why he died or the circumstances surrounding his death. The cause of death is not clear yet. From what we gathered about him, he studied and work with marine companies.

Lina is traumatized at this moment and couldn’t believe the sudden departure of Chayne.chayne and lina

Lina Giraldo shared a heartbreaking messaging on Facebook.

“How this happened ?!?!
Baby you left me so soon . We had so many plans
So many goals , baby we were so in love ?
How is this even possible?!?! I don’t know!
All I know is we were supposed to make all of this happen . Now it’s all in my mind . And my memories
You showed me so much love . More than I could ever imagine .
I’ve never been through this but it sure feels like the worst nightmare . I love you Chayne Pritchard and you’ll always be in my life . I’m sorry this happened to you baby , I’m sorry I wasn’t there with you to help you, 

It wasn’t upto 3 days Lina declared she was in relationship with Chayne before his death.Lina

Friends are paying tribute to Chayne and it is really a very traumatic moments for all his friends and families. Our prayers are with them.