Clarence Venable Death | Anti-Violence Trainer Killed

Clarence Venable Obituary | Memorial

40-year-old man who was an anti-violence trainer was shot to death while leaving a training session at the Alliance for Concerned Men.

Clarence Venable died at the age 40, Friday, November 23, 2019 after being shot and killed in a broad daylight, according to WJLA-TV.

Nobody was arrested in the case of Venable murder,  as at Saturday.

It happened in broad daylight Friday, at about 2 p.m., WJLA-TV reported. He had just begun working at a program called Cure the Streets, a program initiated by the District of Columbia attorney general’s office that employs residents who are “credible in their community” and trains them how to de-escalate tense and violent situations, thus preventing crimes, WJLA said. Venable was leaving the Cure the Streets meeting at the Alliance for Concerned Men when he was shot.

A bystander had called 911 and began chest compressions. She told NBC4 Washington that he was responsive while she worked on him and knew she’d done all she could.