Cody James Is Dead, Tributes and Funeral – NCIS

Obituary: Cody James Reedy has died. A lot of tributes are being paid to him on social media, although a lot of people are asking one question:

Who is Cody James Reedy?

NCIS Cody James Reedy: He was honoured with a good title card at the end of tonight’s new NCIS episode. He was of great importance to the show but unpopular to the outside world.

Cody James Reedy is not forgotten. His legacy will live on through subsequent airings of this episode. NCIS is the sort of show that does get significant play after the fact, in repeats and in various places all over the world.

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There is no clear information as to who Cody James Reedy is — at least in a manner that we can properly verify. There is no clear information online in the form of a eulogy, or some other information that attaches him to NCIS as a part of the show family. This is a delicate subject, given that tributes are often a solemn, private thing. In this occasion, the production of NCIS felt it important to honor Reedy at the conclusion of this episode, and it may be an instance of them wanting to spotlight someone who would not otherwise have one.