Coroner: Altamont man’s death appeared natural

On January 5, at approximately 12:35 p.m., officers from the Altamont Police Department and paramedics from the Rural Med EMS were dispatched to the Altamont Motel in response to a male customer who was unresponsive. The manager of the motel realized that she hadn’t seen the guest in a few days and wanted to check on them. She was concerned about their well-being. He found the man lying still and unresponsive on the ground.

When emergency personnel came, they discovered a deceased individual in room 111 of the motel, at which point they declared the man to be deceased. Thomas Weber, a resident of Altamont, was determined to be the male victim by the Coroner’s office after it was called to the scene. Weber’s age at the time of death was determined to be 63. Since Weber made the decision to call the motel his home for the first time, approximately five years have passed. The office of the coroner made contact with the surviving family members of the dead person.

The preliminary inquiry yielded the following findings: the body exhibited no evidence of trauma or damage, and it appears that the individual passed away due to natural causes. The morgue at HSHS St. Anthony Hospital was where the body of Thomas Weber was transported by the Coroner’s Office. At the same time, the medical records were requested from the hospital. The Altamont Police Department and the Coroner’s Office are both carrying on with their respective investigations into what took place.

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