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Dead : Gregg Russell Death | Gregg Russell Passed Away

Gregg Russell Death – Dead | Gregg Russell Passed Away: Tap Dancer teacher Mr. Gregg Russell has died. Health issues, accident or any other causes of death were not learn in the passing of Gregg. The death of Gregg was published online on November 23rd, 2020.

The passing of Russell is causing a lot of people related to him so much pains. It is with intense sense of loss that the affected individual mourn the passing of their beloved one. Follow this [Link to learn more about Mr. Russell’s death]

Reincarnation: Do the dead Return to Life?

Reincarnation is one of the most fascinating beliefs about what happens to us after death. It is a belief that seems to be as old as man given its presence in some of the world’s oldest religions like Hinduism and several religious traditions of African peoples.
Belief in reincarnation is also found in newer religious sects like the Rosicrucian Order, Eckankar, and the Grail Movement. However, it appears to have no place in the three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. For Christians and Moslems, every dead human is destined for eternal habitation in either heaven or hell depending on how he/she had lived while on earth.
Like many other religious beliefs, the reality of reincarnation cannot be scientifically established. On the other hand, unlike some other extra-mundane phenomena like God, soul and spirit which most religions belief in, reincarnation has many enemies among religious people, especially the two most dominant world religions  – Christianity and Islam who condemn it as heretical.
But looking at what has been said for and against reincarnation, can we really say, even for sake of mere academic argument, that reincarnation is real? Does a dead person return to life as believed in some religions?
We may not have any direct answer to this question but may start by attempting to answer some of the questions that have been raised against  reincarnation. A popular one goes like this: If reincarnation is real why don’t we remember our past lives? How can we say we had lived before when we cannot point to a single memory from our alleged previous existence?
This question is clearly arising from a wrong assumption about memory and its relationship with human existence. It is based on the thinking that our memories are unseverably tied to our being. This is definitely incorrect given that it is in our nature to forget things, and this does not make us lose our being and our identify. The fact that I cannot remember what happened yesterday does not mean that I am no longer the same person I was yesterday. So, I don’t need to remember my past to prove that I existed yesterday.
But there is still an objection here: if you had a previous existence how possible is it for you to forget every bit of the experience you had then? You should have remembered some of it, even if very little at least. Again this question clearly overlooks the reality that it is possible for our entire memory bank to get wiped out in one fell swoop. This may happen as a result of neurological illness, accident or drug affecting the central nervous system. Hence, we have witnessed instances of complete memory loss by a human person. If a mere damage to the brain and/or the spinal cord can totally extinguish one’s memory, what then becomes of the memory of a man who died and his body (including the brain and spinal cord) decomposed. Those who profess reincarnation tell us that it is a new body that comes back to life; the soul of the dead, having shed the old body, has now put on a new body, a new brain, a new spinal cord. This understanding would substantially answer the question of memory retention as posed against reincarnation.
Another charge against reincarnation is based on the belief in heaven and hell as places of final justice for good and bad done by humans. Many Christians would ask: what becomes of heaven and hell, what become of God’s judgment and justice if reincarnation is true? Many religions that teach reincarnation reply that reincarnation is necessary for there to be justice; it was in pursuit of justice that nature instituted reincarnation. According to them, evil done in earthly life must be paid for during an earthly life. Therefore, we are bound to return to earthly life if we must atone for our evil deeds. So, every damn suffering we experience here on earth, according to this school of thought, results from how we lived during our previous lives. Thus, when people suffer, it is wrong to think that nature is unkind to them. No. Everyone gets exactly what they deserve, which is also what is required for their purification. When one is born with blindness, lameness, or without limbs, it will be wrong to wonder whether God made a mistake in his creation. Never. God as a perfect being is above any mistake. That blind man, that man without a limb came exactly the way he should come, his deeds in his previous existence make him not to deserve a sight or limbs. This is what is called karma; it is the law of natural justice – what you sow you reap. Karma rewards good deeds and punishes bad deeds. So, if you are rich now, it is a reward from karma based on how you lived in your previous life.
People who hold unto the above belief affirm that reincarnation is therefore a more persuasive way of looking at human’s reward for good and bad done. To them, hell fire, where people will burn forever, is a bad example of justice given that people should not be punished eternally for a sin committed in time and that everyone should never receive equal punishment since our degrees of evil doing vary from person to person. They argue that while reincarnation presents God as just and rewarding people exactly as their good deeds and bad deeds deserve, hell fire presents him as an unjust and unreasonable being who dispenses punishment without minding people’s extent of culpability. While reincarnation presents God as a merciful judge  who continues to give us a chance to come back to the earth to atone for our evil deeds, the doctrine of hell fire, on the contrary, presents God as cruel, unforgiving, and incurably sadistic.
At this juncture, it is important to consider the claim that reincarnation has been scientifically proven. One popular attempt to “empirically” demonstrate the reality of reincarnation was done by American psychologist, Dr. Helen Wambach. Her very popular books, _Life Before Life_ (1978) and _Relieving Past Lives: The Evidence from Hypnosis,_ (1984), contain results of her quite interesting research involving over 10, 000 volunteers on whom she applied hypnosis in order to elicit information on their past lives. Hypnosis is a parapsychology practice where an expert leads a patient into an unconscious state and then begins to interview him/her in order to elicit information that lies beyond his/her immediate consciousness. Through this, the expert is able to diagnose the unknown cause of a patient’s problem. However, once the patient regains consciousness, he/she is completely unable to remember all he/she has said. So, using hypnosis on over 10, 000 volunteers across several years, Dr. Wambach was able to make the following findings:
*That 50.4% of male and 49.6% of female volunteers said they had lived on earth before. This corresponds with natural biological expectations.
*The volunteers’ descriptions of clothes, foot wears, utensils and other property used in a given historical period were better than descriptions given by most historians.
*The proportion of the volunteers who reported to have lived upper class life in their previous lives corresponded with the proportion shown in history records.
There have also been many claims of people being able to recall certain things about their past lives. Some people who underwent occult initiations and/or training reported recall of their past lives as one of their experiences. British psychologist and occult scientist, Viola Mary Firth Evans (1890 – 1946) popularly known by her pen name, Dion Fortune, reported that upon her first occult initiation, she began a rapid recall of her past lives which nearly affected her mentally.
There have also been reported cases of people knowing so much about places and things they have never encountered in this life. They can give a vivid pictorial description of such places even though they haven’t visited there before. This has been explained with reincarnation; such persons had encountered such things and visited such places in their previous lives.
The same explanation has been given to the issue of child genuis. There have been cases of a child having the capacity to so efficiently do certain things they have neither acquired enough training or experience on, such as solving mathematical problems that adults will find very challenging. Austrian legendary musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791) started composing and playing musical instruments at the age of 5. Many of those compositions are globally popular till today. Mozart performed a wonder when on listening to Gregorio Allegri’s _Miserere_ twice at the Sistine Chapel in Rome, was able to write it all down from memory. Such feats are explained to be a result of what one had done in his/her previous life. Thus, a child who starts solving very difficult mathematics from the age of 4 must have been a mathematician in his previous life; he is merely tapping from the skills he had built in his former existence.
From the foregoing, it has become clear that the issue of reincarnation is not one that can be hastily rejected or accepted. Arguments abound for and against this belief. Therefore, it is only reasonable that we respect the right of others to hold unto what they believe as far as reincarnation is concerned.
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