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Dead : TikToker Icierra Reportedly Passed Away At Age 24

Death – Dead : TikToker Icierra Reportedly Passed Away At Age 24

A sad news reached us today that a 24-year-old TikToker Cierra Green better known as Icierra has died, June 17th, 2021. The cause of death has not been said. According to a source, icierra’s mother said she had mid-high functioning autism.

Icierra was born on May 21, 1997. She was a fan of cosplay, gamer furry and a jacksepticeye. Her first TikTok post was made on March 20th 2017 when TikTok was known as Musically.

Who Is Icierra?

Icierra is a 24 year old Tiktoker, born on May 21, 1997. Her real name is Cierra Green and her location is unknown to me. She is still lives with her mother, and she has mid-high functioning autism (confirmed by her mother.) Her occupation is unknown but I’m guessing she is unemployed. In her bio Cierra states that she is a fan of cosplay, gamer furry and a Jacksepticeye fan.

Her first post on Tiktok was on March 20th 2017 when Tiktok was known as Musically.Cierra’s fursona is a wolf with pink skin and fur who wears neon green named Mika. Icierra doesn’t have a fursuit but has made a paper replica of her fursona’s ears having the left ear green and the right ear pink. She also claims to be taken by Tiktoker middermanthepuppetman recently known as GregoryDibruno a who also has autism and has a passion for puppets, Cierra has been shipping this man since mid 2019.

I can’t really confirm the relationship between rmaguire6 and Cierra Green either they are friends or siblings not sure. She mentions in a video about her boyfriend JJ and displays a picture of them together in a slow dance pose with big captions reading “Together Forever and the date of something 07/2015.

Still need to do research on what happen to him. Recently she created a discord where absolute chaos reigned and was banned after a day in existence. That’s my knowledge so far on Icierra.

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