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Home Weird Accounts Grandma Spirit Came To Say Goodbye After She Died – True Story

Grandma Spirit Came To Say Goodbye After She Died – True Story

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Good day everyone, my name is Osawe Obazee. When I married my husband Uyekpen, I met his grandmother, Grandma Alice. She reared chickens, the numbers were between 12-15 or thereabouts. She resides at Edo state, Benin, while we were living at Maiduguri, Borno state.

Anytime we travel to the village to see her, what she normally request for was Quicker Oat. It made her happy because it was her favorite gift. She never used to eat the oats, but she enjoyed feeding them to her fowls.
This was is 1886, the era when there was no cellular phones, we only had to send letters as a means of communication.

So when grandma died, there was no way we would have been aware, it would take 3 days before we would have gotten the information. On this particular night, I and my husband were fast asleep, when we heard a knock on the door at about 11pm, we were very mush at sleep at first so we didn’t wake up immediately, We heard couple of more knocks like probably 4-5 times and we heard a woman say open the door for me, she kept repeating open the door for me while knocking, my husband said to me this is grandma’s voice oh, I said to him, how can she locate our house? She’s very old so it can’t be her, besides she hasn’t been here before.

I thought in my mind, grandma is in her late nineties, close to 100 years of age, she can’t travel far on her own, I thought of the distance between Edo and Meduguri because she’ll have to travel through many states. I came to a conclusion and I told my husband not to open the door, that maybe grand mother is dead. But she kept knocking persistently, saying we should open the door.

I was overly frightened, my heart was in my mouth, my husband summoned courage and said he’s going to open the door, that she’s his grandmother, that she wouldn’t harm him because he believes she loves him so much, I held his hand and he could see my hands shaking and he said stay here, he assured me nothing bad will happen to him, my husband left me to open the door, and she said to him, why are you doing this to me?

My husband saw her but I didn’t see her because I was too scared to go outside to meet them. Why are you doing this to me she said, don’t you know that I don’t have have food to feed my fowls, please come tomorrow, I need quicker oats, after she passed her message she disappeared, my husband fell into tears. Saying grand mama is gone, she came to say her final farewell.

Three days later or thereabout, we got a letter from our relatives in the village, saying Mama had died few days ago, they sent a speed telegram to tell us mama is gone, it was obvious she visited us the same night that she died.

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