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How My Husband Ghost Assisted Us Through Difficult Time

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My name is Tina Moses, I lost my husband Braimah Moses on the 10th of July 2007, before he died my husband was very sick, the hospital couldn’t diagnose him illness, we were together in LUTH for months, before my husband eventually passed away in my presence, I wept for hours, we had spent our all to get him back to top shape but he never recovered, he died living me with nothing, I thought of my three kids, then I prayed for strength, I finally put myself together, packed my baggage’s and went to to see my children.

When I got home, I met two out of my three children, they were very I’ll. The oldest (my first daughter) was in school writing her WAEC, my second daughter and my only son were in a bad shape to the extent I couldn’t even recognize them, immediately I started treating them (self medicating), I went to the pharmacy and bought drugs, but while treating them they were getting worse daily rather than improving, I bought all the drugs I could think of, malaria drugs, antibiotics, blood tonic, I tried everything but to no avail.

Four days after my husband had passed away, I was in the living room crying, confused and helpless, the state of my children’s health had deteriorated, fear and sadness occupied every part of my heart, all of a sudden, my husband that was in the mortuary appeared to me, I don’t know if I had fallen into a trance, but my husband who was meant to be at the morgue, it was as if he was standing with me physically, he told me to calm down, he said I should not be troubled, he said I should not be worried so I don’t kill myself, he said he was going to bring Doctors that will treat my two sick children.

In split seconds I saw two doctors walk into our house, they were wearing the traditional white coat and stethoscope, and my husband said to them, treat these two children, the Doctors gave my second daughter two injections her younger brother two injections also, then my husband escorted the doctors out, all these things happened within a space of 15 minutes, I asked myself what just happened? Because I wasn’t asleep, two strangers and a man supposed to be dead just left my presence.

My daughter that I have been force feeding for days just wake up and said mummy I’m hungry, I was surprised, what’s going on, I quickly went to the kitchen to make pap for her, while I was still at the kitchen my son walked in and said mummy I also want, I started crying tears of joy, because him and his older sister had no appetite whatsoever for days, all of a sudden started craving for food.

They both drank the pap, then they started playing like nothing ever happened, they were both running around the house, I was singing praises to God for the great miracle that just transpired, he saw my plight and came to my aid, he sent me two angels that came in the person of Doctors, and he gave me an opportunity to see my husband to get strength and hope. I knew from then on that I wasn’t alone, Since then till now non of my children ever fell ill, my two daughters are adults now and married, my son is all grown and like his sisters, he’s filled with vitality and life. I believe Angels do exist and they come to earth on assignment, I believe they take the form of man, I believe ghost do exist, because I have had a life changing encounter, and an experience that I’ll cherish forever.

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