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My Encounter With My Friend’s Mum Ghost

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Hello to everyone, my name is Funmilayo Babatayo. I want to share my experience of my encounter with the dead, i never knew the dead do roam amongst the living. I still ponder of the strange mysteries that do happen, how is it possible and why? At the end I’m left with a lot of unanswered questions.

I was living at Agboyi in Ketu back then, I am a mother of three and my kids were teenagers. I had a friend who used to sell tomatoes at Alapere market, her name was Funmibi, she was called mummy Demilade, I Remember when I made friend with her back then, my children weren’t happy, they said they don’t like her, she was always looking sad and unkept. I used to sit with her in the market most times to pass away time and help her sell the tomatoes if she wasn’t around.

On a certain morning I was sitting in front of my house on a long bench, I was waiting for one of my neighbor mama Chibueze to come out and join me, we were having a conversation before she went in to continue her cooking. I decided to use the opportunity to bring out the few dirty close I had outside so I can wash close.

I was fetching water to fill my buckets when an elderly lady walked into our compound, I was about greeting her when she said come my child, she spoke in Yoruba dialect, I greeted her and asked who she was looking for, she replied saying she came to see me, she said are you not the friend of my daughter that sells tomatoes, she said Funmi is my daughter, I said yes Mummy Demilade is my friend, she said she’s asking me for a favor and will I carry out her request, I said yes ma if it’s within my power, she said it’s only two children she gave birth to, and she was a good mother to both of them, she said I took care of them with my all, my second child is nowhere to be found, Funmi is all I have, please tell her that it is because of her I am where I am, it’s because of her I’m dead, haba mama I interrupted her, you will not die mama God forbid, all the while I was paying total attention listening, without interrupting, she repeated the statement again, it’s because of her I’m dead, I smiled and said mama it hasn’t gotten to that, tell my daughter to bury me well, I took care of her, she should bury me well so things will be good for her.

I told her don’t worry mama I will pass your message to Funmi, for you to come Report her to me, I know she has offended you greatly, mama I will tell her don’t worry.

Later that evening I went to see Funmi, we were talking and then I mentioned what transpired earlier that morning, I said to her your mum came to see me today, she wanted me to tell you she isn’t happy with you at all, Funmi interrupted me by asking my mother? I said yes, I described her, she’s an elderly lady, average height, chocolate in color with tribal marks, Funmi just got upset all of a sudden, what kind of joke is this, I became confused. She asked me which mother? My mother is dead for over 5 years now, and her burial will be in two months from now. She reached into her waist bag and brought out an obituary poster and as soon as I saw the picture I could hardly breathe, my heart was pounding fast, I was in shock and I knew I was about to faint, my friend was very worried, she was asking me what happened, what’s the matter, you are making me scared, what’s happening to you, I was still trying to process the whole thing, and come to an understanding that in reality i actually encountered a ghost, I kept shouting ye! Mogbe! Funmi held me and did everything to calm me down so I don’t attract the attention of random people’s going about their business, I didn’t know when I fainted.

When I woke up, I was lifted up and sat on a chair, while sitting on a bench and I was speechless for a while, it was as if I was talking but the words weren’t coming out, my neck was stiff cos I couldn’t freely move it left or right, I was out of strength, it took me minutes to get myself back. I told my friend your mother told me she’s dead and I didn’t believe, she said it is because of you she’s dead, she said you should bury her well, I kept repeating these words with the little strength I had gathered, all through Funmi was just crying, tears streaming down her eyes, I couldn’t console her because I myself needed consolation, I encountered a ghost and I was still in fear, I passed the message I was sent countless times so I will know my task was done, i didn’t want to encounter her Mum ever again.

The next day Funmi came to see me in the morning but I was fast asleep, I couldn’t sleep that night so I waited till the day came before I went to sleep. Funmi stayed by my side till I was awake, when I woke up I saw my Pastor and Funmi waiting for me in the living room, my children used their initiative and reported the matter to my pastor so he came to see me.

Funmi told us her story, how her mother died, she said when she was pregnant for her first child, she and her husband had issues so she moved to the village to stay with her mum, her younger brother Segun has always had mental issues from a young age, he’s known to be very unstable, she said they both never used to agree, from childhood they have always been like cat and rat, that morning they had a fight, by evening her brother got back home and said she should return back to her husbands house, that why did she come here to be shortening their ration and eating all their food, she should go back to her husband.

While they were at each other’s throats, her mum was sleeping on the mat in the other room, Funmi said she went into the room to give her mum the baby, Segun came in behind her and ordered their Mum to tell Funmi to pack her bags and leave this minute, their mum told Segun that No, he should be the one to move out, that he is a trouble maker, he should move out so they’ll have peace. Segun angrily left their presence but he returned with immense speed, he beheaded his mum on the floor beside the baby, Funmi ran for her dare life screaming for help, she said before everyone gathered her brother had already taken off.

I became so sad when I heard her story, I advised her to bury her mum well within her power, Funmi used the 10k that she had to buy Aso Ebi, like 5 materials, what the money could afford, the clothes sold like bottle water, she kept going back to the market to restock, she raised a lot of funds for her mum and she did a very big burial for her mum.

After the burial, Funmilayo became a different person, she was full of life and started shining, her business boomed because she started buying baskets of tomatoes and was selling real good, she started making lots of money, I believed because she honored her mother’s request, the mum paved way for her, and blessed her so she can have good success. As for me I’m stronger now, I’m no longer afraid, if I see a ghost again I don’t know how I will react, but I know I wouldn’t collapse hahahahaha l, I pray I don’t meet one ever again.

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