How Revlon Lenders Won Citibank $500 Million

Revlon Lenders Won Citibank $500 Million: Update & Refunds?

How Revlon Lenders Won Citibank $500 Million: Update & Refunds: Citigroup $500 Million Transfer Error: Revlon Lenders was reportedly ruled in favor of the transfer recipient error made by Citigroup Citizen banks.

United States District Judge, Jesse Furman ruled in favor of Revlon Lenders who was mistakenly transferred to the sum of $500 million by Citigroug Citibanks on August 11, 2020.

According to Forbes: Though the law generally requires money mistakenly wired to be returned to its sender, Furman in his ruling cited an exception in New York that allows recipients to keep funds if they discharge a valid debt and if the recipient is not aware of the mistake upon its receipt of the funds.  

All further details concerning this news will be updated upon confirmation.

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