Delaram Dadashnejad Death

Delaram Dadashnejad Death | Langara Student Died In Plane Crash

Delaram Dadashnejad & obituary: the families of the Langara student who died in Ukraine plane crash are grieving over her death. It was such a tragic death.

Delaram’s friends, families and school are so devastated over the sad news of her passing. Dadshnejad was among the 175 student that died in the plane crash that occurred in Iran.

The plane was said to have been shot down by Iranian forces as tension rises between U.S.A and Iran. Tributes are being paid on Social Media over the death of Deleram.

“Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of @langaracollege
student, Delaram Dadashnejad, and to the loved ones of the other 175 passenger who lost their lives in the #UkraineInternationalAirlines crash.”