Dobri Dobrev

Dobri Dobrev Death | The Saint Baylovo Passed Away

Dobri Dobrev has passed away, Thursday, February 13, 2018, according to a Twitter user. He died at the age of 103

Story of Dobri Dobrev “The Saint Baylovo”

“Dobri Dobrev, a man lost most of his hearing in the second World War, has spent decades traveling 25 kilometers by foot every day, decked in his homemade clothes and leather shoes from his village to city of Sofia, Bulgaria, where he spends the day begging for money.

“Strangely enough, Dobrev isn’t begging for himself. He manages to live with an 90 euros pension. He doesn’t keep a cent of the money he receives. Everything is for the orphanages.

“Some called him “The saint Baylovo.” As one might expect, he is cherished by everybody. They call him “Dyado Dobri” (Grandpa Dobri) and he represents the good that can be done in the most selfless way possible.

“So, if you’re in need of a role model, here’s one. Just by being a little bit like him, the world will be a much better place.”