Dylan Webb Is Dead At Age 19, Brain Aneurysm – Obituary

Dylan Webb death: he passed away at the age of ninteen as a result of brain aneurysm, reports said. Dylan’s death was never anticipated, it was such a huge loss that took his family by surprise.

Dylan Webb died on while he was with his friends on Wednesday night.

“At first we thought it was an asthma attack or something because he couldn’t talk, but then we saw his pulse and his heartbeat were out of control so we started CPR,” Corey Dyal said.

Dyal and another friend called Dylan’s mom while an ambulance was on the way.

“One of his friends called from his phone and said that he had passed out and they were doing CPR. I never thought I would go in and not get a response or a smirk,” Brandi Watson said.

Hours passed, and Dylan never woke up. Watson never would’ve imagined her 19-year-old son would die so suddenly.

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