Enrique Edward Millan Jr. Car Accident

Enrique Edward Millan Jr. Car Accident – Death, Enrique Millan Jr. Has Died

Enrique Edward Millan Jr. Car Accident – Death; 29 year-old Enrique Millan Jr. has died in a motor vehicle accident that occurred on Queenstown Road in Irondale.

Authorities identified the victim following the fatal accident. The friends and relations of the deceased have so far, taken to different social media timeline to post tributes and condolences the Millan Jr.s family.

Enrique Millan Jr. was pronounced dead at age 29 after succumbing to the fatal vehicle crash.

What’s Cause The Accident That Killed Enrique Edward Millan Jr.?

DeadDeath is yet to confirm the cause of the accident at this time. Most common factors are over-speeding, alcohol, over-correction and more. We haven’t learnt if any of these are involved.

What Time Did Enrique Edward Millan Jr. Accident Happen?

According to report, the vehicle crash that led to the death of Millan Jr. happened at about 3 a.m. Sunday, morning.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the passing of Enrique Edward Millan Jr.

Tributes To Enrique Edward Millan Jr.

The news about this death has been attracting numerous tributes and condolences via social media from friends and other worried individuals.

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