Dr Robert Lockhart

Fruitarian Dr Robert Lockhart Dead At 75 | Robert Lockhart Death

Fruitarian Dr Robert Lockhart Death | Obituary – Cause of Death.

Renowned Fruitarian, who has been a vegetarian for the past 45 years and over 30 years as a raw vegan has died.

Robert Lockhart passed away November 30, 2019. His cause of death is not known. However, a social media user has claimed Robert died of “complete organ failure.”

Dr Robert Lockhart a 40 year fruitarian just passed away due to complete organ failure at just 75 years old, RIP brother.

This is such a shame that someone took this diet to such an extreme for so long to the point where it made his body waste away, this was just waiting to happen due to this malnourishing restrictive diet.

Wake up fruitarian the diet is not healthy at all, everyone I almost meet that eats this way looks so unhealthy as they are not get all of the macro and micro nutrients they need to thrive.

I made a full video talking about his death on my YouTube channel to make people aware of the dangers of this diet that ruined my health years ago.

Lockhart conducted a busy clinic in Cairns, north Queensland , as well as conducting health and wellness retreats in the Philippines and Australia. He also lectures at events in the US and Asia.

Dr Robert Lockhart was raised on a farm in New Zealand and has degrees in Science (Geology), Agriculture (tropical fruit growing), Chiropractic, Naturopathy. He is a Natural Hygienist and Drugless Physician – a ‘Disease Avoidance Specialist’.