Gemma husband Chris passed away

Gemma’s Husband Chris Passed Away | Tributes & Condolence

Gemma with the Twitter handle @GemmaBaggies announced the death of her husband, Chris who passed away on Monday morning, December 9, 2019.

Chris was diagnosed of bowel cancer back in 2016. He fought till he could no longer and died of stage 4 cancer.

Chris and Gemma’s son, Harrison also has T1 diabetes. Despite the whole life threatening conditions and worries that were supposed to soak them with sadness, the family chose to be happy and celebrate every moment of their lives.

Gemma has kept a memorable moment with her family and never let sadness took over joy in their lives. Sadly, Chris passed away.

Gemma took to Twitter to announce the death of Chris,

“My beautiful man died peacefully this morning. He was the most loving husband and devoted dad. Our hearts are broken but we are so grateful for the times that we shared. His memory will live on in our gorgeous son. The world is a darker place without Chris in it,” she wrote.

The death announcement has since been retweeted over a thousand times with over fifty two thousand likes. Chris, Gemma and Harrison undoubtedly shared a great moment.

A fundraiser page has been created to raise support for Harrison’s future. The message on the page reads below…

My nephew, Harrison, is a beautiful, caring 10 year old little boy.

Unfortunately his dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2016. He’s fought like a warrior to this point, but is now in a hospice, seeing out his last days.

Throughout this journey, Harrison has been a beacon of light amongst the darkness. A brave, confident and happy boy, despite everything that’s thrown at him.

I really want Harrison to have the best possible future, and I’m asking you to give whatever you can to help him

To support Harrison’s future, you make follow this [Link]