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Gerry Alanguilan Cause Of Death | Komikero Death

Komikero Cause of Death:

Doroteo Gerardo N. Alanguilan, Jr., widely known as Komikero has passed away Saturday, December 21, 2019 at the age of 51.

Komikero’s cause of death has not been said yet. Before his death, the Filipino comic book artist and writer from San Pablo, Laguna complained about his health and not doing well but had to continue working despite the state of his health.

“It probably would be a lie to say that I’m doing OK. Well, physically that is. It’s such a constant struggle everyday. I have to admit it’s really difficult. Thankfully, it hasn’t gotten in the way of me thinking creatively. As long as I stay in my room and not have to go out for interviews and events and things, I will have enough energy to do the work of creating comics. But sometimes it’s so hard.

Sometimes I have to lie down. But when I have to do that, I think of stories. I think of things to write down. I create characters. All this has really forced me to live a simpler life.

Which I never thought I wanted or needed in my life. Not having to go to Manila and meet people, even here in San Pablo. Just staying home with me and my creativity. It’s what I need. And I’m really starting to enjoy it.”

“Inker Gerry Alanguilan has passed away at only age 51. First guy to ink off scans for Marvel. Delicate with a brush and bold with spotting blacks. And there’s several animated gifs of him if you look up smirking guy. Let’s not let comic book inkers be invisible.”