Christina Mendoza Death | Obituary

26-year-old Hillsboro woman, Christina Mendoze was pronounced dead following a two-vehicle accident that happened on Monday morning on Interstate 74.

Mendoza first struck a deer near the 32.5 mile-maker, disabling her 2013 Dodge in the right lane. Her car was then struck by a red 2019 Kenworth owned by Dusharm Transport of Hoofman Estates, Illinois.

The driver of the Kenworth was identified as Kenneth M. Dusharm, 55, of Carmel. Investigation concluded that Mendoza’s vehicle did not appear to have operational lights working.

Dusharm did not see the disabled Dodge, before the collision happened. The accident happened before 7 a.m

“Christina hadn’t called anyone during her wreck with a deer, so it could have been a quick incident,” Indiana State Police Sgt. Kim Riley said. “The collision with the deer knocked her car battery out, making it impossible to drive or signal to others she was stopped on the road. The semi driver stated he couldn’t see her until it was too late.”

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