Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Holly Morris recently passed away. is yet to learn her cause of death but her “best friend” Lisa M. Conway-Foxhill decided to write a tribute to her and it is very touching.

The tribute was published on Facebook few minutes ago and we are lucky to notice it. Read below…

I have been avoiding writing this post since I found out my sister Holly Morris, my best friend, passed away. She had many layers to her and EVERYONE (I mean everyone) loved her. She had the biggest heart and trusted everyone, whereas I was leary and always told her she should not be so trusting.

She loved being “weird”, the Doors, 60s music, and loved being “chill.” Where as I am more conservative and uptight. She loved being a stay-at-home mom whereas I was a working mom. She loved the fall, pumpkin spice coffee, and the cold weather, whereas I love the summer, ice cream and anything else that has to do with a warm climate.

She absolutely loved being with people, was friends with everyone and hated being alone. Me on the other hand preferred being alone and keeping my circle small. She always tried making light of everything whereas I overthink and catastrophize everything.

My sister and I were 8 years apart and at certain times in our life I felt more like her mom then her sister but when I needed her she was ALWAYS there for me. This past year was a struggle for my sister and I tried so hard to help her. This past Thanksgiving was the best Thanksgiving ever bc me, Dan Foxhill, Roz Smith Conway, our daddy, Amanda Mcguigan, Hannah Collins, Orion Hammill, Al, Sean Foxhill, Layla Morris, and Holly were all together.

On Wednesday, December 11, 2019, she went with me to my foster kitten Milkshake’s vet appointment. My last day with my sister was a great day as we celebrated our Nana’s 90th birthday together. So my last few precious days with her were great. I know my sister’s death is going to be a shock to the MANY friends my sister had and there isn’t anything any of us could have done to prevent this.

My sister was very stubborn and when she wanted to do something there wasn’t anything any of my family or friends could have done. Trust me I tried VERY hard to tell her that a certain someone was no good for her. We all need to stand strong for Holly’s husband Chris Morris and his family bc they loved Holly too.

Stacy Morris and Shawn Morris loved her just as much as me. Bob and Pat Morris loved and treated my sister as if she were own daughter. My left behind 3 beautiful children; Riley, Bobby, & Layla so we need to all be there for Chris and the kids. When I know more about the funeral arrangements I will inform everyone.

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