inmer espinal

Inmer Espinal Death | Obituary

Inmer Espinal who died on Tuesday November 2018 will be led to rest today. Espinal died of testicular cancer.

His cause of death was not initially made known while he was alive because he chose not, to avoid being seen at a vulnerable stage of his life.

Espinal succumb illness. He was an excellent athlete and loves soccer. Friends and families of Inmer are paying tribute to him on social media. They are much devastated by his death.

Inmer will be laid to rest today being Sunday, November 24, at 6419 Baltimore Avenue, Riverdale, MD 20737

Part of Inmer’s obituary message reads

Inmer was an excellent athlete while playing inside the soccer field and a dedicated brother when setting the example. Inmer was a kind, humble, and selfless person to the very end. Friends, family members, and those in the community who had the opportunity to share moments with him, whether in the soccer field, high school, work, etc., he showed great character and encouraged others to do their best.