Fatal vehicle crash

Jacqueline Abad and Sara Armijo Death | Americans Died In Accident

Carnival Cruise Line Trip Accident In Belize

53-year-old Jacqueline Abad and 51-year-old Sara Armijo were pronounced dead following an accident that happened as they traveled in Belize.

Both deceased were Americans. They passed away in a bus accident on Wednesday, November 27, 2019 while on Carnival Cruise Line trip.

According to report, they were passengers in a Grey Dodge van traveling to Belmopan City as part of their Carnival Cruise trip, the Belize Police Department confirmed Thursday. Abad and Armijo’s van struck a red Chevy SUV head on when it entered their lane to overtake another vehicle.

At least, five other Americans were badly wounded in the crash. The three passengers in the red SUV, all Belizean, died on impact, police said. The driver of that vehicle was at fault, authorities added.