Jake Wibbens And Steven Marlen Death | Killed In Crash

Jake Wibbens And Steven Marlen Death | Obituary | Memorials

Two young men, Jake Wibbens and Steven Marlen have lost their lives in a terrible car accident. The vehicle crash happened in Linn County.

Jake and Steven  were both found dead, after they crashed off a rural Linn County road on Wednesday night, sheriff’s deputies said.

A woman told officers her boyfriend, 27-year-old Steven Marlen, and her brother, 20-year-old Jacob Wibbens, were overdue and not answering their phones. She used a cell phone locator app to trace Marlen’s phone to Rock Hill Drive.

Deputies searched the area, and after a few minutes they found Marlen’s red Toyota MR2 about 50 yards off the road, upside down and in some blackberry bushes. Marlen and Wibbens were pronounced dead at the scene.

The family of the deceased have set up a GoFundMe account for Wibbens, the message on the GoFundMe page reads…

Raising funds for a dear dear family in Brownsville, Or for funeral expenses. They lost their 20 year old son, Jake Wibbens, and their daughters boyfriend, 27 year old Steven Marlen, in a terrible car accident in Linn County on Wednesday night.

Angela is my co-worker and the sweetest mom ever, she has the biggest heart and is always caring for everyone else, no matter what… friend, family, co-worker or stranger… due to unfortunate circumstances, it is our turn to take care of her and her family..

We need to let these angels rest in peace. I know the holidays are coming soon, but whatever you can donate will greatly help this family take care of their loved one

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