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Jamie Lee Hamilton Cause Of Death | Activist Passed Away

Jamie Lee Hamilton Death | Obituary:

Jamie Lee Hamilton has died Monday, December 23, 2019 at the age of  64. Her cause of death is said to be cancer which had courageously fought over the year.

Jamie Lee Hamilton passed away at the Cottage Hospice, according to report. Jamie was a renowned controversial Vancouver activist.

Social Media Users Mourn Death of Jamie Lee Hamilton:

“Today marks a very sad day when we find out the time for Jamie has ended. She was so prolific in the community, She has passed away. She had taken leadership in anything to do with human rights and using politicals, she was a great writer and great personal look up too.

She was the first woman I ever met in Vancouver and Street worker, like myself in the past! I found she gave me great resources to places that did not look down on me. As she held my hand the moments I needed them, she will always be remembered as a fierce strong opinionated woman, advisor First Nations people that did not know what that meant Or did not have a voice of there own. Jamie Lee Hamilton will be remembered she will leave a legacy that nobody can fulfill and nobody would replace her. Xoxoxo rip”

“Saddened to hear of passing of Jamie Lee Hamilton. She was heavily involved in civic life advocating for missing women, as well as running for office. She was also a staunch defender of parks & a regular at our Park Board meetings. I always loved seeing her & talking issues. RIP.”