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Jerin Uttama Death: East West University Student Dead

Jerin Uttama has died. Her cause of death is not known. A fellow student of East West University wrote about Uttama’s death and shared on Facebook.

In a Facebook post, Mostarin Shamanta Rahman said Uttama has been suffering from typhoid.

Read in full below.

“Jerin Uttama, a friend of my little sister and a student of East West University, has passed away today. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. She had been suffering from typhoid and was taken to the hospital last night when her pulse had dropped too low. She was on life support the entire night.
I am no medical student and so, I didn’t really have the idea that typhoid can so easily claim lives of adults. I don’t really know every detail but it seems that the situation was underestimated a little bit as she was being treated at home by a family member who is a doctor, instead of being admitted to the hospital when she was diagnosed with typhoid.
I can’t really blame anyone here since I am short on details, but I can’t imagine the shock and grief her parents are going through. I don’t think anybody would foresee death when an adult is diagnosed with typhoid. It’s probably not one of the most life-threatening conditions.
In our country, we do have a tendency to avoid check-ups and underestimate medical issues. I request everyone to be vigilant about their health and consult doctors immediately when they sense problems because it’s just not immensely tragic to lose precious lives untimely, but it is also traumatizing for the people we love to cope with situations like this. We leave them feeling terribly guilty about how much more they could have done to save us.
May Allah grant her Jannah and give her family and loved ones the strength to bear this grief. May Allah protect people from mishaps and keep everyone healthy.
Please keep Uttama in your prayers tonight. Hope you have found your Narnia finally, apu

PC: Mashuk Khan”