Jonathan Moss goes suicidal in a TikTok Video

Jonathan Moss Dead? – Jonathan Moss TikTok Suicidal Video

Dead-Death, April 1, 2021. Jonathan Moss Dead? – Jonathan Moss TikTok Suicidal Video

People all over social are worried about Jonathan Moss’ wellbeing after he posted a video of him crying and complaining of living in pains. People are scared at the moment.

Trigger warning: suicide I hope some people close to Jonathan Moss reach out to him. He posted some extremely concerning videos this morning about ending his life. Hopefully he gets the help he needs in time.

Watch The Video Jonathan Moss Posted On TikTok – He Seems Depressed

Who Is Jonathan Moss?

Jonathan Moss is a popular TikToker with over 5.4million followers on TikTok, over 429 thousand Instagram followers. He is a young black dude who has been consistent with inspiring, funny and motivational TikTok videos.

His last video posted on April 1, 2021 has got everyone worrying. “I know people care about, I know there is people out there, but I can’t keep feeling like this,” he said in the video. “Every single day, I woke up in pains and sleep in pains. Some nights I don’t even go to sleep.”