Jonathan Price Death – Obituary | Shot Dead In Wolfe City

Jonathan Price Death – Obituary : Family and friends mourn the death of Jonathan Price who was shot dead on Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 during an officer-involved shooting in Wolfe City.

31-year-old Jonathan Price passed away after being fatally shot while he was breaking up a fight. Authorities are investigating the officer-involved shooting which took the life of Price.

The shooting occurred in Wolfe City, about 15 miles north of Greenville in Hunt County.

The officer who shot Price to death has been placed on administrative leave until the investigation which is being carried out by Texas Rangers is completed.

Price’s family said he was at an Exxon gas station, when he saw a confrontation between a man and woman.

He then tried to break it up, and an officer pulled up. According to Price’s family the officer may have thought the two men were fighting. A Taser was deployed, and then the officer fired shots, Price’s family said.

Price was reportedly shot multiple times, and died from his injuries.