Justin Barneds

Justin Barnes Is Dead, To Boldly Flee Crew Member Died At 35 -Obituary

Justin Barnes Death: To Boldly Flee crew member, Justin has passed away. His cause of death is undisclosed. He was married to Haley and they were together till his death.

Justin Barnes worked as head of of the Cartoon Guy Show at To Boldly Flee. @gookygox on Twitter announced the death of Barneds, describing him as “an all-round amazing guy.”

“I have some very sad news to deliver to everyone who worked on To Boldly Flee. Last night, Justin Barnes, a member of the crew, head of the Cartoon Guy Show an all-around amazing guy, passed away at the age of 35. Please send your love to his children and wife, Haley.”

Our prayers are with Justin Barnes’ family, especially his wife and kid.