K-Pop Sulli Dead, Obituary & Cause Of Death

Obituary & Funeral: K-Pop Sulli has died. The Singer who first debuted as a K-Pop member was was found dead Monday (Oct 14) at a house in Seongnam, south of Seoul, police have confirmed.

Sulli passed away at the age of 25.

Did K-Pop Sulli commits suicide? That is what we have not confirmed. The police are looking into the cause of her death.kpop-sulli-dead

Her manager found her dead on the second floor. Sulli went on a yearlong hiatus in 2014, citing hate comments and rumours.

Sulli left the group after she returned a yearlong hiatus in 2014, and turned to acting. – The Korea Herald/Asia News Network.

Sulli was scheduled to record JTBC ‘Affliction Night’ on the 14th, but she had not been contacted since the evening before and did not appear in the recording room this morning.

K-Pop Sulli (Sully) Cause Of Death

Sulli’s cause of death is still under investigation. According Seongnam Correction Police Station on the 14th, his manager discovered that Sully was hidden in a house in Jung-gu, Seongnam-si at about 3:21 pm on the day.

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