Drummer Kenny Dixon (Kane Brown) Died In Auto Crash – Obituary

Drummer Kenny Dixon (Kane Brown), Sarah Hedrick fiance’ is confirmed dead following a fatal car accident that happened, October 12.

Kenny and his girlfriend, Sarah were preparing for a wedding coming November before his sudden death.

Drummer Kenny Brown (Kane) Dixon cause of death is accident.

Kenny and Sarah have a child together. They are so much in love with each other and the two love birds are always seen together.kenny dixion

Broken Sarah shared the sad news via her Instagram account.

I’m at a loss of words. I don’t even know how to write this or
ever thought I would have to. Kenny passed away last night
in a car accident.
I know I have to be strong for Levi and God is gonna pull us
through this. We have a forever guardian angel watching
above us now.
Please keep Levi, my family, and Kenny’s family in your

This is one of the very sad death we have received today. Sarah was very excited and couldn’t wait to get married to Kenny and she expressed her love and interest before his sudden death.

A little bit of Kenny Dixon and Sarah Hedrick’s life together as taken from their marriage invitation website.

Sarah Hedrick Talks About How She Met Hedrickdixon kenny

Kenny and I met at a local bar in our hometown called “The Depot”. We met through a mutual friend who I was actually sort of hanging out with. Kenny and I clicked so instantly and he became my best friend for a few years. We both dated other people, but somehow always turned to each other and wanted to always be around each other. Somewhere along the way we discovered we had feelings for each other, more than just friends. We were really hesitant to be more at first. I think we were just scared if it didn’t work out our friendship wouldn’t be the same. But finally, we shared our first kiss on Christmas of 2014. Nothing was ever the same after that. We starting dating on Valentine’s Day of 2015, and here we are almost four years later with the most beautiful son and engaged to be married!! We have definitely been on a roller coaster the past few years with so many fun and exciting memories and some tears as well but it has been an amazing ride and I can’t wait to continue the journey!kenny dixon

Kenny Dixon’s Story

I met Sarah through a friend she was hanging out with at the time. Her personality stood out to me immediately. She was sweet, kind and a honest woman. The more time we spent around each other the better friends we became. Then one day I began to develop feelings for her, which was weird at the time because she was dating my good friend. After many months of hanging out we both realized we had feelings for each other. I asked her to go on a double date with two of our good friends on Valentines day and officially made her my girlfriend. That day my life changed forever and it all began for us. And here we are today…

Kenny Dixon’s Funeral

We will update this post with the funeral arrangement info when we get it. You may leave a tribute below.