popeyes chicken sandwich stabbing

Kevin Tyrell Davis Stabbed To Death In Popeyes

Stabbing In Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

A 28-year-old man named Kevin Tyrell Davis has been fatally stabbed to death at Oxon Hill Popeyes, a popular chicken sandwich.

What Caused The Stabbing In Popeyes Chicken Sandwich?

Two reportedly started an arguement inside the Popeyes at 6247 Livingston Rd. in Maryland. The victim, Kevin Tyrell Davis was reported to have been in line for the sandwich, the argument however, moved beyond the queue into the street where the man was stabbed.

Davis was rushed to hospital but he died shortly. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

“Our homicide detectives are hard at work on this one, but we have been able to determine preliminarily that this is related to the release of the sandwich here at this restaurant,” said Jennifer Donelan, the Prince George’s County Police Department’s media relations director.

Investigators believe the argument arose over Davis cutting in line .

“… it’s something we have to question in terms of how we’re interacting with one another as a society, is how does a confrontation over cutting line lead to a death,” Chief Hank Stawinski said at a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

“What bothers me about this… is that there are families and children in this restaurant as this is unfolding and they’ve been exposed to this now as well,” he went on to say. “This is pointless. This is disrespectful.”

According to report, no arrest has been made as the suspect is still at large. Police is asking for help from witnesses in identifying the man that stabbed Davis.