Lori Cowlishaw Death | Obituary: Whitney, Tx Mom Dies

Lori Cowlishaw Death | Obituary

Lori Cowlishaw has passed away. She died in Whitney, Texas. She was a great lover of animals and has lived a quite simple life.

In a social media Tribute, Tim Cowlishaw described Lori as a “true lover of animals, a loving mother of Ben and Rachel”

Lori Cowlishaw, loving mother of Ben and Rachel, passed away Tuesday in Whitney, TX. Her life will be celebrated by family and friends in a private ceremony. As Lori was a true lover of animals, she would be honored by any donations to the SPCA of Texas.

Lori Cowlishaw Cause of Death

It was not clear what could have led to the death of Lori. The social media poster did not say exactly what was the cause of her death and at what age Lori passed away.

Lori Cowlishaw Funeral and Visitation

Currently, dates are not said yet as burial expenses budget need to be met. A fundraiser page has been created for Lori for concerned individuals to support the burial expenses. You may follow this [link].