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Luke Lembryk Death | Plumber Stabbed To Death Before His Helpless Mum

Luke Lembryk Stabbed To Death:

29-year-old Luke Lembryk was stabbed to death on Saturday, December 7, 2019. The family of the victim are deeply hurt, traumatized and devastated at the gruesome murder of their son.

Lembryk was fatally stabbed to death right before his helpless mother. He was reportedly stabbed multiple times.

Luke was reported to have told his mother that he was going die after he was stabbed. ‘I’m going to die, mum,’ reports say it was his final word before he died.

Luke was stabbed by two men who broke into his mum’s home. He had visited his mum before the ugly incident happened.

According to report on Dailymail, the men are on the run in Sydney after fleeing the scene at Condell Park in the west of the city.

His devastated sister Sharri paid tribute to her brother, writing on Instagram: ‘His eyes smiled. They were my favourite. I wish I’d told him that. ily Jubes x’