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Matthew Rodriguez Death | Zexor Graffiti Dead:

Matthew Rodriguez Dead | Zexor Graffiti Passed Away:

Brooklyn, New York artist, who ran Zexor Graffiti has died. Matthew Rodriquez died Thursday, December 12, 2019, according to report.

DeadDeath found out about Zexor Graffiti’s death through Amarketnews media, and social media tributes. His age was not mentioned.

Matthew Rodriguez | Zexor Graffiti Cause of Death:

We are yet to learn what happened to Zexors Graffiti that led to his death. The news is fresh and will keep updating this page with latest update.

Matthew Zexor’s death is such a sudden and unexpected death and his friends and families are traumatized with the news of his death.

We are not sure if Any GoFundMe page has been created for Rodriguez’ burial expenses, we will update the link once we confirm this.

Zexor Graffiti Tributes

Below are tributes posted on Social media by friends of Matthew.

Rebel Child Designs posted on Facebook;

Wtf man…today we lost a graffiti pioneer Phase 2 (my last post) and now I hear about the passing of one of the illest to come out of the newer generations of graffiti bombers. RIP Zexor… this brother WAS graffiti in its purest form. A true bomber for real! #graffiti #bombing #zexor #rip”

Ezo Worldwide posted on Facebook;

“A heavy day of sadness for me as I heard of the transition of 2 men who stood generations apart and at the extreme ends of our continuous journey and development as a Creative family. they carried the banner of our culture with the style and grace of visual combat, that is essential in its survival.

PHASE 2 who stands at our beginning and in many ways is the creative father of our thing. he abhorred the “G” word , so in deference to my utmost respect for him , I will not use it. From him came the letter and the word from which all of us followed. they say there are no Kings inside the gates of heaven save one. but for us you will always be King Phase 2 REST IN POWER.

ZEXOR was a young Brother from bushwick brooklyn who carried on in the streets unrelentingly the spirit of our thing until the day he passed. his simple style silver joints were reminiscent of the styles from the lines and you can see the connection between the days of old and the present day in his work. he was controversial to some on his war on the bushwick street art movement, but to me he was keeping the spirit of the true Graffiti bomber alive in the face of the diminishing of that spirit. he raged against the fading of the light. God bless him. Rest in Power King ZEXOR”