Michael Lamper

Michael Lamper Death | Marina Sirtis’ Husband Dead

Marina Sirtis’ Husband Michael Lamper Passed Away

Michael Lamper, has died.  He passed away on Saturday night, December 7, 2019 at the age of 61.

Lamper was a husband to Marina Sirtis. Michael reportedly passed away in his sleep. His cause of death is not yet said.

Marina Sirtis on Twitter, announced the death of her husband, Michael. Star Trek: The Next Generation star shared news that the 61-year-old Michael who was a guitarist and an Acamarian Gatherer on an episode of The Next Generation has died, and also announced that she will be off social media for awhile.

“I’m going to be gone for a while. My beloved husband passed away peacefully in his sleep last night. For those of you waiting for a shout out on Cameo, please forgive me I don’t feel up to i. I’ll let you know when the service is back on,” she tweeted.

Back in 1992, Lamper married Sirtis with Bret Spiner and Michael Dorn as groomsmen. They met after one of the actress’ personal friends introduced Lamper. He played alongside a number of accomplished musicians like Tommy Shaw from Stix, Quiet Riot and Los Lobos.