Erin Valenti

New Details On Erin Valenti’s Cause of Death (Utah CEO)

Erin Valenti Cause Of Death: Did She Die Of Drug Overdosed? Find out by yourself on this page.

There is new details on how Erin Valenti died. The Uta CEO in San Jose California was found dead, October 14 in a rental car she was supposedly driving from Palo Alto to San Jose to catch a flight.

In a new Youtube video by Amazing Prolly,  Erin’s life was intensively discussed.

“It’s a wild one! Starting from the strange death of 33 year old tech entrepreneur Erin Valenti, I take you on a tour of our real life Matrix of control. PTSD, Technocracy, real Mind Control tech, human trafficking, “Future Faking,” reputation management and more,” she wrote under a Youtube video where she narrated a lot of things and gave more insight into the life of Erin.

In a Facebook post, by Dennis Reid,  he alleged that “Police found the body, but were not willing to identify her, but the family closed the case, satisfied that it was her. Polly gives us a closer look at who Erin was, and some of the interesting people that she associated with.”

Watch the video by Amazing Prolly titled “The Lab Rat Who Knew Too Much” below