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Nico Simon Death | Disabled Mother Begs For Burial Fund Support

Atlanta, Georgia mother, Terri Wooten Simon has loss his 19-year-old son, Nico Simon. According to GoFundMe message, Nico died on Sunday morning, November 3.

This is actually a tough publication for me. Terri had previously lost a son 10 years ago, and she has just loss another. Read the message on GoFundMe below..

Trying to raise money to bury my son. Nico was 19 when he passed yesterday morning November 3,2019. I am on disability and can’t afford to bury him myself, there was no life insurance but I do have his grave plot already. This is 10 years after I had to do the same for his older brother Victor. Anything will help, I’m not one to ask for money. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Follow the [Link] to support Nico burial expenses

Our prayers are with Simon family.